Bombardier Creates Heavenly Comfort in the Luxury of Business Jets

Bombardier has finally reached their seven-year goal in completing their state of art reclining chair, known as the Nuage passenger seat. After constant trial and error, the Aerospace company, has found a solution to not only correct posture but make the flight more worthwhile. The chair is scheduled to be placed upon the Global 7000 once it has been certified.

Studying ergonomics was one of the company’s main tools upon development of the Nauge to be able to key point the troubled areas that standard seats affect. This new state of the art technique used is one that is described by Bombardier as “furniture engineering.”

The experts can attest that standard aircraft seats do not let the body rest as the body is still forced to hold its self-up right.

The Nauge Seat has been able to create a solution to be address this issue by,

“dipping the pan down while the seat back reclines, the cushions can cradle the critical portion of the passenger’s body, allowing the muscles to relax more fully.”

Not only are have there been configured options created for reclining but options for adjusting the head rest manually as well. Passengers are now able to adjust the head rest to be able to experience a more comforting experience for their head-neck junction.

Along with many new innovative features that the chair offers, its ability is lower, or raise has been added to be able to allow passengers of most heights to comfortability reach the floor. A Unique characteristic that the Nauge seat offers to make sure it keeps its center of gravity is the “floating base “as it has removed the standard rails that seats are usually mounted upon. All of the chairs state of the art equipment can be controlled through the chairs armrest, making it user friendly for everyone to enjoy!

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