EASA Certifies Safrans 2H Type Engine as Final Evaluation

EASAs certification regulations have been recently meet by Safran Helicopter Group to be able to bring their Arriel 2H Engine to life. Currently Safran has plans of having their engine to be able to be incorporated into a AC312E, a civilian helicopter, manufactured by Avicopter. This particular specification of the Arriel was chosen in the year 2015 due to its efficiency and unique characteristics created by Avic Harbin Aircraft Industry Group. The 2H engine derived from the previous model known as the 2+. With the new models enhanced technology, the 2H has the power to takeoff at a rate of 986 shp.

The AC312E aircraft has a narrow design which enables it to be more efficient and aero dynamic. Its composition makes the helicopter a light medium twin derived that has taken the characteristics of former aircrafts such as the “A” model. Much the AC312E was based on other models that are descendants of the “A” models such as Airbus AS365 which have been given full authorization to be procured in China.

“ The 312E will be able to carry nine passengers, have a maximum cruise speed of 165 knots, a maximum takeoff weight of 9,921 pounds, and a service ceiling of 19,685 feet.”

The procurement of these type of aircrafts began in the early 1980s and completed by the 1990s to be placed into the full service. Later on, by the year 2002, the company created a more enhanced version of the Arriel 2C engine. The AC312E has completed their first flight in 2016 but has yet to obtain their EASA certification which is scheduled for late 2018.

The 312E capabilities are a great contribution to the aircraft as they offer extensive traits such as electronic flight bags, helicopter taws, RTA-4112 MultiScan weather radar, synthetic vision, and a state of the art TTR-4100 TCAS traffic surveillance system.

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