Every aircraft is built and maintained with a specific job in mind. It isn't possible for one aircraft to cover every characteristic a plane can have. For example, a fighter aircraft is made for defense and attack functionality. Thus, it has an extremely strong structure and is extremely powerful. Each characteristic is selected to coincide with one another, so the aircraft is built into a cohesive machine.

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In frigid temperatures of 32 degrees and below, the components of an airplane can reach damaging temperatures that reduce their longevity. When an airplane is started up before it is evenly heated, it has to work much harder to get going. The extraneous efforts can cause wear and tear on mechanics that can reflect 100 to 500 hours of operation. Uneven heating can detrimentally affect pistons, cylinders, camshafts and other components. In a cold weather predicament, it is important to have an aircraft preheating method.

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