Vishay Releases New High-Speed PIN Photodiode

Vishay Intertechnology recently introduced a new high-speed silicon PIN photodiode with an added feature of enhanced light sensitivity. A photodiode is a semiconductor diode that converts light into an electrical voltage. When energy fueled photons are absorbed by the detector, a formation on charge carriers is created; this formation is then separated in the space-charge region, resulting in a photocurrent.

Vishay’s PIN photodiode, the VEMD8080, has numerous features which set it apart from the competition:

  • 4.8mm by 2.5mm top view; radiant-sensitive area of 4.5mm²
  • Surface-mount package with a low 0.48mm profile
  • Fast switching times
  • Low capacitance of 47pF –resulting in precise signal detection
  • Wafer technology – detects visible and near infrared radiation over a spectrum range of 350nm to 1100nm
  • 30% improvement for green LEDs –allows for optical heart rate detection in wearable devices (fitness trackers, smart watches, etc.)
  • 65° angle of half-sensitivity
  • Temperature range of -40°C to 85°C
  • 950 nm wavelength of peak sensitivity
  • Moisture sensitivity level of 4
  • Floor life of 72 hours

The VEMD8080’s unique size and shape allow for light emitting diodes to be placed closer to the radiant sensitive surface area, resulting in maximized signal strength. When used with green LEDs, the device’s shape grants the light-emitting diodes the ability to maximize their signal strength, making them operate quicker and more efficiently.

PIN photodiodes are the most commonly used form of diodes. Typically, they can be found in audio CD players, DVD drives, and optical communication systems; these parts can also be used as nuclear radiation detectors.

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