Managing and Maintaining Private Aircraft

Owning an aircraft can be exciting for those with the capability to do so, opening up opportunities for sightseeing, travel, enhancing piloting skills, and much more. While all of these benefits can already sell the idea of a private aircraft to someone, it is essential that one also considers the vital task of managing and maintaining their aircraft, ensuring that it always meets safety standards and performance expectations. In this blog, we will discuss the maintenance process for private aircraft in brief detail, allowing you to be better prepared for the endeavor of ownership.

Whether or not you are flying commercially, all aircraft are subject to a variety of federal and local jurisdictions, regulations, and standards that must be met to legally operate your plane. Maintenance is one of the most common mandated practices, ensuring that everything from the aircraft engine to the battery are in working order to guarantee safety. While it is easy to think that the idea of regular maintenance is simply too expensive, it is much more expensive to be forced with major repairs, replacements, and other issues that result from maintenance neglect. As such, it is critical that you follow all mandated inspections while conducting your own to guarantee healthy assemblies.

Regardless of whether you have a team conduct maintenance or rely on a third-party provider, you as the owner will always be legally responsible for its upkeep. Because of this, you should find a reputable mechanic that you trust to keep your aircraft safe and efficient while providing quality and fair-priced services. As the process can be a handful for one more inexperienced with such procedures, it is sometimes recommended that newer aircraft owners with the means to do so rely on a private jet management company. You will still need to make various decisions, but the guidance of a knowledgeable management company can ensure that nothing ever goes amiss. Beyond maintenance endeavors, private jet management can also help you tackle paperwork for travel, scheduling, registration, and much more.

To ensure you always meet every necessary maintenance requirement, you should familiarize yourself with the various procedures that you may need to carry out. For example, annual inspections are common for aircraft of all forms, though there are also hour based inspections and other scheduled maintenance procedures that may also be dictated by things such as flight hours. As all of these inspections cover different areas and assemblies of an aircraft, you should refer to your particular maintenance manual to see what you must carry out. Even if nothing is found during an inspection, you will also need to make sure that all necessary paperwork is completed and properly stored for the next time it is needed.

If you are carrying out maintenance and find parts that are broken, deteriorated, or otherwise non-functional, be sure to make a replacement as soon as possible so that your aircraft can return to the air without delay. With a purchasing database like Plane Parts 360, you can quickly find everything you require for your operations, all while being treated to competitive pricing and rapid lead times. As such, explore our website at your leisure today and take advantage of our online RFQ service to request quotes for your comparisons.

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