What is a PCB Connector?

Printed Circuit Board or PCB connectors are links between components on a conductive path or between pads on the board itself. Certain devices feature more than one PCB and will utilise a variety of equipment to create a connection between the circuit boards. PCB connectors are mounted on the PCB itself and are typically used to transfer signals from one circuit board to another. Because PCBs are not hard-wired to one another and can be assembled later in the production process, these connectors are easy to design and manufacture. Different PCBs have different responsibilities. Because of this, the connector’s ultimate application will determine the SWaP (size, weight, and power) properties used in the PCB design. For example, the connector in your smartphone is much smaller and lighter than the connector in your car.

PCB connectors feature a multi-pin connection system usually in a rectangular layout. When paired, PCB connectors will either be used for board-to-board connections or wire-to-board. Board-to-board layouts provide a range of PCB connection orientations at 90 degree increments. In a parallel or mezzanine connection, the connectors are vertically paired. In a 90 degree, or right angle connection, one of the connectors is vertical while the other is horizontal. In an edge-to-edge connection, both connectors are horizontally oriented.

PCB connectors are also sometimes referred to as PCB interconnects. In addition to this, specific terms are also used for the mating sides of the connection. Male PCB connectors, a row of pins, are sometimes called pin headers. Female PCB connectors are known as sockets, receptacles, or header receptacles.

A wide variety of PCB connectors is available on the market, each tailored to a set of specific needs. Whatever connector you need, Plane Parts 360, the premier PCB connector distributor, has it.


November 3, 2022

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