Piston Engine Aircraft vs Turboprop Engine Aircraft

Piston engine, or reciprocating engines, are related to the steam engine, which was first introduced in the early 17th century. In simpler terms, a steam engine utilizes heat to create stream pressure, which is then used to generate a rotating motion. After its creation, steam engines were used to drive everything ranging from mechanical equipment to railway trains. Today in aircraft piston engines, gas propulsion is used instead of steam to create pressure inside the engine.

Piston engines are distinguished by at least one cylinder, with each cylinder holding a tight-fitting piston (known as a solid cylinder). This fitting piston can be moved back and forth freely inside the cylinder. Each piston is attached to a crankshaft by a connecting rod. When fuel is established and set off inside a cylinder, the hot gas created expands with great force, which drives the corresponding piston forward inside the cylinder. This in turn moves the connecting rod forwards as well, causing the crankshaft to turn. The full turning of the crankshaft moves the piston back into the cylinder and the cycle begins again.

Turboprop aircraft are fueled by a turbine, which is an easier term for a “fan.” A turbine is a rotary driven fan that gains energy from either fluid flow or airflow. A simple turbine design incorporates a rotor, or rotating wheel, with the angled blades attached. As fluid or air navigates through the blades, the fluid or air pressure against the blades will make the rotor spin. In an aircraft turbine engine, the high-pressure gas, which results from the combustion of jet fuel, takes the place of water or wind to steer the motion of the rotor. Because of this, aircraft turbine engines are usually seen as gas turbine engines.

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