Everything you need to know for Shopping for Multi-Link Towbar Heads

If you are intending to purchase a new aircraft, then it’s important that you know the parts essentials of maintaining it. One piece necessary for maintaining the part is multi-link towbar heads. A versatile tool, the Multi-link aircraft towbar is a device that is used to pull up the front landing gear on a small aircraft.

Used primarily for convenient ground maneuverability, the multi-link towbar heads can push or pull anything from a small single engine aircraft to air force fighter jets such as the F-16 and even small business jets weighing around 16,000 pounds.

When shopping around for the multi link towbar heads, you have to be aware of which brand and which type you need for your aircraft. Be sure to check the size specification on each towbar head, as they’ll differ and you will need to acquire the part that fits best with your aircraft. Another important factor to consider when shopping for towbar heads is the quality and workmanship. When buying one, you have to test to see if the device will hold up with regular use and offer durable and reliable service. To ensure this, you’ll have to make verify if it comes with a long term quality and workmanship guarantee.

As part of aircraft maintenance equipment, multi-link aircraft towbar heads need to be corrosion free to stay clear of any rust even with extended storage periods. In this regard, buyers should look for those made of aluminum. A high-quality paint job is also a must. The paint will keep rust from developing along welds and affecting the integrity of the entire device.

For aircraft with longer noses, multi-link towbar heads need to be long enough to reach the front aircraft landing gear without creating any problems for the operator. Remember that aircrafts are very expensive and should be handled with utmost care using the right equipment.


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