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Fingerboard NSN Parts Sourcing

Does your bill of materials include parts made by the manufacturer Westinghouse Electric Corp? Plane parts 360, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, stocks numerous parts including R5088-1, R5088-2 and NSN 3960004751434, 3960004751323. All of the parts that ASAP source and ship are quality-tested and sourced from only reliable suppliers.

Manufacturer's List of Fingerboard

Part Number's List for Fingerboard

Part No RFQ
R5088-1 RFQ
R5088-2 RFQ

Relevant Components for Fingerboard

absorber fin cap adapter fin adapter fin attach adapter fin hor
adapter fin horizontal adapter finger guar adapter flange fini adapter pinion final drive assem
adapter stuffing tu adapter stuffing tube alignment pin final drive assemb amplifier final
angle assy fin angle cover fin angle finder antenna assembly fin
anti scuffing lub antichafing strip a anylizer surface finish applicator fingerpr
arbor wheel grinding buffing wir arm finger lift lef arm finger lift rig assembly fingerlift
attachment fin attachment fitting fin automatic list find bag assy form finis
bag form finisher ball retractor fing band sander fine barrel and fin asse
barrel and fin machine base ant final beam fin closure belt length finder
blade finger grippe blanket assembly soundproofing b blanket assembly soundproofing d blanket assembly soundproofing r
blanket assembly soundproofing roof block fin restraint block finishing block fool proofing
board emery fingern bolt finned neck bonnet stuffing box boot center fin
boot fin left bowl finger box stuffing boxes stuffing pist
boxes stuffing push brace cyl head fin brace cylinder head fin brace fine
brace ventral fin i bracket antenna fin bracket assembly fin lower hinge bracket assy fin
bracket fin bracket fin closure bracket fin hinge bracket finger rod
bracket guide fin and case bracket pusher fing bracket rib fin bracket support fin
bracket ventral fin brake drum final dr brake plate finish brush dusting finge
brush dusting fingerprint powder brush finger buffing and polishing machine buffing and sanding attachment p
buffing compound bulkhead fin cap bushing stuffing bo bushing stuffing box
bushing stuffing box guide bushing stuffing pump bushing tail fin as bushing ventral fin
cable assembly fine cable finished ends cam finger cap assembly fin
cap assy fin cap assy fin stub cap coupling final cap fin
cap final drive bea cap forward spar fin carrier stuffing bo case final drive
case final drive ge case final drive gear case final drive tr case fingerprint id
case fingerprint identification kit center finder center finder set chaffing strip fair
chafing pad chafing sleeve chafing strip chafing strip acces
chafing strip access door chafing strip aircraft chafing strip door chafing strip engine nacelle
chafing strip panel chafing strip servi chafing strip yoke channel assy direction finding
channel fin cap chart finger chute fine material circuit lighting rangefinder
cleaner fingernail clip bolt final dri clip rib fin clip tailboom and fin assembly
coat finisher dry c coldfinger collect finger aircraft holdback concrete sealer fin
concrete sealer finish conduit fin cap confiner connector finger
contact finger contact finger and contact finger and shunt assembl contact finger asse
contact finger movi contact finger sect control fine speed cooling fin assy
corridor definition coul hannifin cover assembly fin to spar cover assembly wire soundproofing
cover assy finger v cover bead chafing cover dust final dr cover fin rudder
cover fin tail boom cover finger roll cover finger valve cover housing finge
cover missle fin cover stuffing bo x cover stuffing box cover wires anti chafing
cradle assy fin co crank opener fin cylinder finned valve detent fin fairing
dial fine dial finger stop dial finished digfin tail cover w
directi0n finder v1 direction finder co disk stuffing box dome fin cap
door assembly fin door assembly fin tip access doubler fin dowel brake tu fina
dress cutter final drift finishing bli drive assembly fina drive assy final
drive final front a drive unit final el drum semi finished duct fin cap
edge finder electrode distributor finger element sep fin 1 end finishing machi
end stuffing box endbell final w envelope stuffing m envelope stuffing machine
extension case fina extension final drive fairing assembly tail fin fairing assembly ventral fin
fairing assy fin fairing fin leading fairing fin tail light fairing fin tip
fairing ventral fin fastener panel sound proofing feed finger filler spar fin
film fingerprint li fin fin 600 gallon tank fin aircraft dorsal
fin and brace assem fin assembly fin assembly aircra fin assembly cylind
fin assembly dorsal fin assembly drop tank fin assembly engine fin assembly fuel t
fin assembly fuel tank fin assembly fuel tank acft fin assembly horizontal tank fin assembly left
fin assembly lh fin assembly missil fin assembly pylon tank fin assembly regulator
fin assembly rh fin assembly right fin assembly special fin assembly tail boom
fin assembly tailbo fin assembly tailboom fin assembly tank fin assembly tip tank
fin assembly ventra fin assembly veptra fin assembly vertical tank fin assy
fin assy complete fin assy cylinder b fin assy dorsal fin assy fuselage
fin assy tail boom fin assy vertical fin asy fin cap assembly
fin cap assy fin cylinder barrel fin cylinder machin fin drop tank
fin fairing fin forebody assemb fin fuel tank fin ground plane
fin guard fin guided missile training fin holder lft airc fin holder rht airc
fin horizontal fuel tank fin horizontal tank fin installation ta fin lock retraction
fin louver assembly fin restraint fin rocket motor tr fin rudder
fin shaft fin stabalizer atta fin stabilizer fin stabilizer fuel tank
fin structure assy fin tail fin tank and pylon fin tiller collar
fin tip assembly fin tip assy fin tip assy spec fin tubing
fin tubing heater fin ventral aircraft fin ventral tail boom fin ventrol aircraft
fin vertical fuel tank fin vertical left hand fin vertical pylon tank fin vertical right side
final accept gauge final assembly final assembly comp final assembly display control
final assembly valve final assy aircraft final assy eca enhanced common a final assy vmep ec
final drive and con final drive assembl final drive assembly final drive planet
final drive vehicul final drive vehicular final drive winch a final drive with container
final rinse assy financial decision finasteride tablets finder
finder hard drive a finder position valve finder pull finger
finger 1 5 finger 10 stbd finger 11 finger 12 port
finger 12 stbd finger 13 port finger 13 stbd finger 14 37
finger 16 36 inbrd finger 17 3 finger 31 43 finger 38 port
finger 38 stbd finger 39 finger 40 port finger 40 stbd
finger 41 finger 49 finger 5 finger 51 53
finger 54 finger 55 59 finger 6 port finger 6 stbd
finger 7 finger 8 port finger 8 stbd finger 9
finger adapter filter finger aft outer ai finger and spring a finger anti kickback
finger assembly finger assembly 43 finger assembly fairing finger assembly gov
finger assembly long finger assembly short finger assembly spoiler finger asswmbly
finger assy finger assy 42 port finger assy 42 stbd finger assy 43
finger assy 44 finger assy 45 finger assy 46 finger assy 47 51
finger assy brace d finger ball retrac finger ball retractor finger ball retractor valve ball
finger block and fi finger board finger book carrier finger brush holder
finger bucket finger cable reel finger caliper assembly finger cam
finger chain finger clips finger clutch finger clutch throw
finger coil winder finger cone finger contact finger control
finger controller finger corner segme finger corner segment finger corner segment port
finger corner segment starboard finger delivery sto finger electrical c finger feed
finger feeder assy finger feeder insert finger feeler finger feeler with
finger fork finger grip finger gripper finger guard information panel
finger holder finger hoofly finger jogger finger label platfo
finger lever finger lift glass finger light infrared finger light visible green
finger lock finger lock linear actuator finger magneto dist finger master clutch
finger mechanical finger movable cont finger nc finger needle guide
finger neutral lock finger no interlock finger pad rubber finger paper
finger plate finger plate assembly finger port 1 finger position uni
finger power takeoff finger pressure finger pull finger pull latch
finger pusher finger raised 49 finger raised 5 finger raised 51 53
finger raised 54 finger raised 55 59 finger retractor valve ball finger schute
finger separator finger shaft finger sheet delivery finger shift lever
finger shifter lever finger shoofly finger side registe finger spring washe
finger str finger stripper finger support finger switch
finger trash compactor finger trip finger upper finger valve
fingerboard assembl fingerboard relay fingerguard blower fingerlift lever
fingerplate fingerprint identif fingerprint identification kit fingerprint kit ele
fingerprint lifter fingerprint lifters fingerprint palm print station fingerprint powder
fingers fingers and holder fingers contact fingers locking piston
finish floor finish floor nonbuf finish floor nonbuffing finish floor sealer
finisher finisher arm rest finisher bottom finisher centre fus
finisher fairing finishing board dry finishing form clot finishing machine abrasion rotar
finishing machine concrete rotar finishing tunnel ga finned tube finned tubing
fitting assembly fin attachment fitting assy fin hi fitting attachment rear fin fitting door fin missile cavity
fitting fin assy fitting fin attachment fitting fin boom fitting fin closure
fitting fin frame fitting fin leading edge fitting fin rear attaching fitting fin restraint stop
fitting fin rudder upper hinge fitting fin support fitting fin terminal fitting ventral fin
flag signal fin fold lock flange assy final d flange input final flap hinge fin
flap m f final as flap m f final ass flap m f final assembly floor finish restor
frame fin support gauge finger post depth gear actuator final gear final drive
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