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Telephonics Corporation Aircraft Parts Inventory

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Part No RFQ
686-2010-001 RFQ
C235A068-10 RFQ
255D234 RFQ
1N04-120 RFQ
N551-1000-001 RFQ
107C800-1 RFQ
M235A776-1 RFQ
1P00-362 RFQ
R235A142-2 RFQ
C235A457-1 RFQ
F235A006-1 RFQ
M235A910-1 RFQ
1X00-184-3 RFQ
686-2000-001 RFQ
272D010-2 RFQ
497-0125-010 RFQ
395062-1 RFQ
497-0064-001 RFQ
S235A270-201 RFQ
4N49 RFQ
425F400 RFQ
497-0101-001 RFQ
132D007 RFQ
M235A143-1 RFQ
269D200 RFQ
255D032 RFQ
300A1207 RFQ
448-1051-002 RFQ
107C800-25 RFQ
S235A270-205 RFQ
272D465-1 RFQ
272D475-2 RFQ
272D455 RFQ
540D200-2A RFQ
686-2027-007 RFQ
272E104-1 RFQ
1X00-181-2 RFQ
448-1037-001 RFQ
C235A068-12 RFQ
1P00-481 RFQ
272C429-3 RFQ
272B410-2 RFQ
497-0044-012 RFQ
272D495-2 RFQ
C235A068-14 RFQ
C235A459-400 RFQ
30D405G016BA5 RFQ
448-1045-001 RFQ
8101801EX RFQ
255D037 RFQ
272B497-2 RFQ
300A489-1 RFQ
1X00-180-3 RFQ
1X00-180-2 RFQ
T235A465-1 RFQ
389867-1 RFQ
272B406-24 RFQ
502-0060-001 RFQ
686-2008-001 RFQ
MS90335-5 RFQ
502-0017-001 RFQ
272D015-1 RFQ
1P00-468 RFQ
FM04-125V11-2A RFQ
255D030 RFQ
448-1035-003 RFQ
540D200-2 RFQ
497-0120-001 RFQ
686-2004-002 RFQ
255D033 RFQ
689-4060-001 RFQ
272D425 RFQ
1X00-203-2 RFQ
686-3000-001 RFQ
686-2011-001 RFQ
686-1000-002 RFQ
409D1623-1 RFQ
255D026 RFQ
272D470-1 RFQ
272B406-30 RFQ
546-0040-001 RFQ
686-2006-001 RFQ
686-1020-001 RFQ
255D043 RFQ
686-1012-001 RFQ
1N751A1 RFQ
255D336 RFQ
686-2035-001 RFQ
1E00-020 RFQ
5429-4 RFQ
686-3000-004 RFQ
255D237 RFQ
540D2300-2 RFQ
255D039 RFQ
S235A270-3 RFQ
255D027 RFQ
448C024-5 RFQ
448-1038-001 RFQ
272D495-3 RFQ
425F011 RFQ
546-0000-002 RFQ
1X00-204-2 RFQ
448-1020-001 RFQ
1H00-117 RFQ
255D224-05 RFQ
255D036 RFQ
272E100-1 RFQ
1A00-307 RFQ
255D135 RFQ
C235A370-8 RFQ
255D133 RFQ
S235A299-1 RFQ
C235A459-216 RFQ
272D455-1 RFQ
1N973B RFQ
F235A001-5 RFQ
1H00-116-4 RFQ
255D241 RFQ
1X00-237 RFQ
S57144B1 RFQ
1H03-023 RFQ
547-000-4 RFQ
C235A408-2 RFQ
272C429-2 RFQ
272D425-1 RFQ
1N4148-1 RFQ
448-1015-002 RFQ
S235A270-2 RFQ
255D042 RFQ
1M00-568 RFQ
540D1450-2 RFQ
1X00-206-1 RFQ
C235A004-5 RFQ
F235A066-1 RFQ
502-0039-005 RFQ
SBK497-0114-3 RFQ
C235A466-1 RFQ
255D335 RFQ
409D1639-1 RFQ
272C417-1 RFQ
272B406-28 RFQ
686-2012-001 RFQ
255D136 RFQ
409C609-4 RFQ
M235A770-1 RFQ
272B418-1 RFQ
1N645 RFQ
445D200 RFQ
689-4060-002 RFQ
1X00-204-1 RFQ
685-1000-001 RFQ
1N5646A RFQ
1A00-274 RFQ
R235A017-1 RFQ
497-0030-001 RFQ
M235A758-1 RFQ
409C610-3 RFQ
1X00-178-3 RFQ
1H03-034 RFQ
686-2027-008 RFQ
497-0016-001 RFQ
448-1015-001 RFQ
206514-1 RFQ
T235A124-1 RFQ
M55342K04B54E9R RFQ
1X00-203-1 RFQ
1X00-180-1 RFQ
272D490-3 RFQ
F235A017-606 RFQ
M235A224-20 RFQ
272D430-2 RFQ
425F055 RFQ
448B110-1 RFQ
502-0022-001 RFQ
B235A018-1 RFQ
1X00-184-4 RFQ
107C800-2 RFQ
374647-21 RFQ
C235A016-17 RFQ
C235A242-22 RFQ
272B434-1 RFQ
686-2003-001 RFQ
1X00-207-2 RFQ
272D455-2 RFQ
1L00-045 RFQ
C235A073-5 RFQ
497-0129-001 RFQ
497-0063-001 RFQ
409C250-1 RFQ
686-6025-002 RFQ
502-0038-001 RFQ
1X00-203 RFQ
425F700 RFQ
1X00-181-1 RFQ
448-1021-001 RFQ
409D1623-2 RFQ
C235A004-1 RFQ
686-1014-001 RFQ
F235A006-6 RFQ
1X00-183-2 RFQ
1X00-236 RFQ
497-0101-007 RFQ
272D425-3 RFQ
1X00-183-3 RFQ
272D455-3 RFQ
2N6849 RFQ
T235A281-53 RFQ
1N4148 RFQ
686-2035-002 RFQ
272D415-3 RFQ
F235A006-7 RFQ
1X00-186-4 RFQ
272D465-3 RFQ
409D1639-2 RFQ
272D010-1 RFQ
C235A305-11 RFQ
686-2026-001 RFQ
686-1500-001 RFQ
272D420-1 RFQ
C235A435-1 RFQ
686-1016-001 RFQ
1X00-177-1 RFQ
409C609-2 RFQ
107C800-21 RFQ
686-1015-001 RFQ
S235A270-1 RFQ
497-0125-002 RFQ
F235A006-5 RFQ
1N04-119 RFQ
1F25-192 RFQ
C235A148-1 RFQ
255D138 RFQ
255D339 RFQ
255D021 RFQ
F02A250V3-4A RFQ
272D465 RFQ
255D239 RFQ
C235A348-1 RFQ
1X00-236-1 RFQ
255D232 RFQ
1F07-520 RFQ
1N6062A RFQ
409B1610 RFQ
686-1001-006 RFQ
272B427-1 RFQ
1N00-087 RFQ
409D210-12 RFQ
686-1013-001 RFQ
272B439-1 RFQ
S235A270-207 RFQ
1M00-569 RFQ
S235A299-3 RFQ
686-2007-001 RFQ
9-7554-01-92 RFQ
255D332 RFQ
109B155-1 RFQ
I235A033-12 RFQ
1X00-187 RFQ
M235A568-13 RFQ
425D200 RFQ
1P00-467 RFQ
1X00-204 RFQ
L235A017-11 RFQ
C235A227-1 RFQ
409B618-1 RFQ
502-0026-001 RFQ
255D141 RFQ
P235A001-1 RFQ
272D460 RFQ
497-0029-001 RFQ
272D495 RFQ
686-1017-001 RFQ
540D200-1 RFQ
497-0041-001 RFQ
686-7014-002 RFQ
686-2021-002 RFQ
540D2300-1 RFQ
F235A013-200 RFQ
272D415-1 RFQ
C235A180-1 RFQ
497-0024-001 RFQ
686-1025-002 RFQ
407D100 RFQ
686-1019-001 RFQ
1X00-206-2 RFQ
1P00-281 RFQ
272D415-2 RFQ
1X00-185-3 RFQ
SBK272D415-23-3 RFQ
S235A327-1 RFQ
686-2036-001 RFQ
5429-2 RFQ
C235A435-10 RFQ
C235A255-139 RFQ
1E00-021 RFQ
255D038 RFQ
C235A459-100 RFQ
547-000-3 RFQ
445D300 RFQ
255D040 RFQ
1H03-024 RFQ
255D024 RFQ
1P00-469 RFQ
255D132 RFQ
272E100-3 RFQ
272D440-2 RFQ
497-3000-001 RFQ
M235A232-10 RFQ
497-0144-012 RFQ
255D337 RFQ
C235A442-1 RFQ
272D450-2 RFQ
1X00-177-2 RFQ
1X00-237-1 RFQ
448C041-1 RFQ
445D000 RFQ
N235A001-7 RFQ
M235A439-5 RFQ
497-0025-010 RFQ
272C432-1 RFQ
R235A106-1 RFQ
C235A013-30 RFQ
1P00-465 RFQ
448C021-1 RFQ
272D445-1 RFQ
S235A205-1 RFQ
107C800-22 RFQ
255D338 RFQ
272D440-1 RFQ
600DT107M030DE5 RFQ
425F600 RFQ
255D034 RFQ
686-2009-001 RFQ
255D035 RFQ
497-0024-002 RFQ
502-0024-001 RFQ
1H03-028 RFQ
689-1137-001 RFQ
448-1023-001 RFQ
497-2019-001 RFQ
409B1630 RFQ
107C800-23 RFQ
497-0062-002 RFQ
1X00-178-2 RFQ
255D134 RFQ
255D439 RFQ
272D420-3 RFQ
255D029 RFQ
107C950 RFQ
24123-1 RFQ
686-1008-002 RFQ
269D200-1 RFQ
N538-2000-001 RFQ
497-0040-001 RFQ
686-2004-001 RFQ
N548-1000-001 RFQ
C22-0 RFQ
107C900-1 RFQ
686-1018-001 RFQ
540D1450-1 RFQ
N538-2000-003 RFQ
1X00-181-3 RFQ
272D420 RFQ
272D420-2 RFQ
C235A182-1 RFQ
272B406-15 RFQ
272D415 RFQ
1X00-188-1 RFQ
255D231 RFQ
255D031 RFQ
497-0045-014 RFQ
C235A280-1 RFQ
272B406-4 RFQ
502-0036-003 RFQ
M235A017-80 RFQ
1H03-026 RFQ
123B129-1 RFQ
255D442 RFQ
502-0103-001 RFQ
R235A137-1 RFQ
272D425-2 RFQ
1N00-073 RFQ
S235A270-9 RFQ
6156-3 RFQ
SBK686-3000-3 RFQ
C235A370-5 RFQ
G235A030-1 RFQ
686-2020-001 RFQ
255D238 RFQ
272D490-1 RFQ
C235A073-1 RFQ
255D131 RFQ
1813-2LW17-14 RFQ
272B410-1 RFQ
1E00-017 RFQ
24135-7 RFQ
448-1019-001 RFQ
1X00-207-1 RFQ
272D450-1 RFQ
C235A438-1 RFQ
272B498 RFQ
255D236 RFQ
272C442-1 RFQ
686-2022-001 RFQ
S235A273-1 RFQ
448C307-3 RFQ
409B1609 RFQ
255D233 RFQ
497-0023-001 RFQ
1N04-135 RFQ
497-0025-004 RFQ
M235A295-1 RFQ
255D137 RFQ
497-0062-001 RFQ
272D445-2 RFQ
409C609-3 RFQ
255D331 RFQ
272B433-1 RFQ
107C800-24 RFQ
510C017-2 RFQ
272B424-1 RFQ
255D341 RFQ
M553424K5492FRR RFQ
1A00-319 RFQ
425F300 RFQ
409D210-13 RFQ
1H03-027 RFQ
272D435-2 RFQ
1X00-205-1 RFQ
107C800-26 RFQ
445D100 RFQ
448C023-1 RFQ
255D334 RFQ
272D430-1 RFQ
H235A013-100 RFQ
686-2037-001 RFQ
1X00-205-2 RFQ
E235A001-25 RFQ
272B419-1 RFQ
C235A073-20 RFQ
255D235 RFQ
255D443 RFQ
686-2000-002 RFQ
C235A010-124 RFQ
255D023 RFQ
CTE10139 RFQ
S235A205-2 RFQ
272E108-3 RFQ
425F009 RFQ
20046-1 RFQ
255C024-07-003 RFQ
1P00-466 RFQ
24092-1 RFQ
686-2035-003 RFQ
497-0045-013 RFQ
255B012 RFQ
1H03-025 RFQ
C235A234-3 RFQ
T235A244-16 RFQ
1N04-121A RFQ
6014 RFQ
686-1011-008 RFQ
546-0023-001 RFQ
C235A255-39 RFQ
M235A909-2 RFQ
686-2038-001 RFQ
497-0120-002 RFQ
502-0078-001 RFQ
1-30-00-764-1 RFQ
272B406-23 RFQ
272E112-2 RFQ
161B017-1 RFQ
272C429-1 RFQ
497-0046-001 RFQ
497-0042-002 RFQ
1H10-059 RFQ
686-1021-001 RFQ
546-0000-001 RFQ
272D435-1 RFQ
448-1051-003 RFQ
C235A378-1 RFQ
1X00-189 RFQ
255D041 RFQ
409D1639-3 RFQ
686-1017-003 RFQ
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